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I am going to use an analogy. (I can see your eyes rolling, and I…

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I am going to use an analogy. (I can see your eyes rolling, and I really don't care.)

Imagine you have a piece of paper in your right hand. It has two sides-- one white, one black. Very distinct. Choose whichever one suits your fancy. Make it represent your vote, had you been lucky enough to take part. Or choose whichever color is your favorite.

Now, imagine you have a racquetball in your left hand. This represents HUMAN EQUALITY.

YOUR JOB (AND EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON IT) IS TO COMPLETELY COVER THIS BALL WITH PAPER. But which side to use? You're MORE than welcome to complain and organize, donate your money and time, rally, devise phone trees.... ALL to focus on which color of paper will be showing on the outside. I think this is a waste, personally. But, if you've already decided which side YOU like, use it.

Go ahead and try... wrap that piece of paper around it-- crumple it up beforehand, maybe that'll make it work better. Did it work? Well, not completely, and not without some tiny cracks that won't smoothly fit.

Guess what? It'll never work unless you employ a breakdown of the actual piece of paper.

Did you ever make homemade paper in school out of other paper? You have to shred the starter paper, soak it in a mixture of glue and water. Imagine if you did THAT with this piece of paper. Now, imagine you actually cover this ball in this mess of paper pulp. You let it dry. NOW, it actually covers EVERY nook and cranny of this 3-D ball. SUCCESS!!

Tell me, what color is the paper covering on the ball? THAT'S RIGHT. IT'S GRAY. This is a GRAY matter.

This piece of paper actually represents ALL of humanity. It doesn't matter which side you're on, because we're all inextricably linked to the other. We all inhabit the same damn planet, and if you want to ignore, hate on or squelch out the other side, that's completely your right. But it doesn't bring us closer to our goal of equality for ALL humanity. We NEED each other, because we all have a right to be here, with equal rights and opportunities. We're all part of the same piece of paper, and we NEED each other to have success in this. Paper genocide is not an option - You can't slice this piece of paper width-wise.

The ONLY way we're going to cover this ball of equality is with a complete and utter breakdown of the process-- THROUGH LOVE AND LISTENING AND COMPROMISE - to find anything close to success.

We DO NOT live in a 2-Dimensional world. It is (arguably) even more than 3 dimensions, so why do we get angry and upset when our 2-Dimensional thought won't solve the issue?

This situation needs MUCH more than a two-sided, un-merciful proposition.

You're more than welcome to call me a fence sitter. But I like to think bigger than two sides, call me crazy.
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On November 17th, 2008 03:42 pm (UTC), qstandsforrebot commented:
I think it's most awesome of all that you take into account that you don't know everything. Seems like, with an issue like this, it's easy to treat it as a very black and white thing.

I love ya. (And... can we change the channel now? This show's boring.)
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