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I love motorized wheelchairs. Wish I had one.

Artist, musician (in QstandsforQ & Summerhead), poet, mom, and wife....I am inspired and torn apart by everything around me, ugly, beautiful, shocking, delicate, and all other descriptions of people and things and existences in this world and other-worldly.

My FAVORITE artist of the moment: CAMILLE ROSE GARCIA

alexander mcqueen, art, art deco, baths, baubles, beads, beauty, beck, bernadette peters, betty boop, billie holiday, bjork, blonde redhead, brian froud, bubbles, buffy the vampire slayer, cabaret, camille rose garcia, candles, carissa's weird, cathedrals, cherokees, children, christian lacroix, christina ricci, clark gable, cocktail rings, dangerous liasons, david bowie, digital cameras, diy, donovan, dressing up, elie saab, evp, faces, faeries, fashion, fisher, food, goblins, gothic lolita, grandaddy, helen kane, high class, into the woods, j. w. waterhouse, jared gold, jeff buckley, jekyl & hyde, jonny depp, joseph smith, kevyn aucoin, kimchi, knit hats, knit scarves, korea, labrynth, lds church, lee bontecou, lili st. cyr, lisa fraser, liv tyler, liza minelli, louis vuitton, mac, makeup, marilyn monroe, mazzy star, mermaids, michelle pfeiffer, mizna lens, mormons, mors syphilitica, moschino, nauvoo, neil young, nick drake, nightmare before christmas, nina simone, obsessions, orbs, passion, pioneers, pirates, pisces, pj harvey, poetry, pola negri, pom wonderful, portishead, prada, priscilla beaulieu presley, qstandsforq, radiohead, ragtime, robbie williams, sara fimm, scarlet pimpernel, second-hand fur, shiseido, short hair, show choirs, siouxsie sioux, sleeping beauty, sneaker pimps, sophia loren, sophie dahl, stella mccartney, stephen sondheim, strawberries, sugar, sweeney todd, temples, the 60's, the black chandelier, the cure, the fall, three dog night, tokyo, tom waits, tori amos, trains, valentino, versace, vintage, vivian leigh, watercolors, west side story, whipped cream, wicked