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Our computer impolitely decided to crash and burn about three weeks…

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Our computer impolitely decided to crash and burn about three weeks ago, so I can only get online at friends' houses/inlaw's house. Not exactly fun, but... what can you do?

I'm about 13 weeks along, almost into the second trimester, and ech. I really hate being pregnant.

This imvu chat ad next to me looks super freaky. I think she's even got a teddy bear tattooed on her cheek. Ech.

The Birch Book show was lovely, but.... alas, I actually kinda got bored listening to him. Should I be ashamed? He was definitely talented, but he didn't seem like he gave a rat's azz about the crowd, entertaining, or... I don't know. I'm sure he did, but...

I've been taking a month-long break from painting murals, and loving it. And feeling guilty about loving it. :(

Feeling of the week:

"What goes up must come down..."

Why does that 'down' always consist of a big (or small) pile of shi*?

And yes, I'm being dramatic. Is anyone surprised?

Have a .. .. day.
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On August 20th, 2007 03:29 am (UTC), vedhead commented:
CONGRATS!! I had no idea you were preggers again! CONGRATS!!!
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On August 24th, 2007 02:46 am (UTC), betty25_boop replied:
THANK YOU!!! We're very excited!!

DOOOD, I haven't seen you in ages. I hope you're well!!
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