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The life of a witless painter

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Sorry I have neglected my lj obligations (whips cracking).

I have basically had my head in a big proverbial paint bucket.

And it's only getting crazier, but that's good, right?

I just finished the YWCA mural, which took entirely too long. See pictures HERE and HERE and HERE.

It takes SO long to paint by brush. And I've got a Parade of Homes job coming up that requires an airbrushed sky, so I just ordered one. I have never used one before, so ... yea, I'm hoping that goes off well. I'll be practicing like mad, beforehand.

Pricing a mural is SUCH a hard thing.... especially when your clients are cheap or expect a fantastic job with the money they scraped up. Why do people expect this of artists? It's hard enough to eke out a living anyways, but I really am feeling the heat of crafty & cheap hobby muralists who charge next to nothing. I refuse to stoop to that level just to compete. I want the rich people using my work because of my talent, not because I'm willing to bend over and take it like an idjit.

Anyways, I really have not a lot to say concerning anything else-- I haven't been able to breathe lately, much less have much of a life.
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On April 14th, 2007 04:47 am (UTC), whytespyder commented:
That mural looks fantastic. The detailing is amazing. How long DID it take you?
I believe you deserve every dime you get for art pieces like that. It does make me very angry when people try to buy art cheaply. When I see art pieces for $800 at local galleries, I think, "Is that even enough money for how long this must have taken the artist? Probaby barely covers the supplies and time." Not to mention the gift of having an entirely original item hanging in your house. Muraling is large & takes even more time. At least several thousand $$$ +, is in order, I think. Don't be ashamed to ask for it; a lady of your talent deserves it.
Sorry I didn't get back to you about the slumber party ... for some reason I thought it was much later, in May. Yeah, I realize we started talking about it a long time ago, in March, but for some reason the time passed much more quickly than I realized. I got your message the day after, and yes, Subrosa was practicing and preparing to record and couldn't have made it. :(
I'm very sorry. Let's hang out soon.
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On April 15th, 2007 04:03 am (UTC), betty25_boop replied:
Thank you for that-- it's so hard to be compensated for something that really is hard to measure. I hope I'm in the right business.

No problem, Sweetie... it was a funny party. And those pictures of you girls (& Eric) were STUNNING. You are all so beautiful!!

We must get together next week some time, have some music playing & fun. We're planning on getting the banjo fixed, so that'll be nice.

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