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The life of a witless painter

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Sorry I have neglected my lj obligations (whips cracking).

I have basically had my head in a big proverbial paint bucket.

And it's only getting crazier, but that's good, right?

I just finished the YWCA mural, which took entirely too long. See pictures HERE and HERE and HERE.

It takes SO long to paint by brush. And I've got a Parade of Homes job coming up that requires an airbrushed sky, so I just ordered one. I have never used one before, so ... yea, I'm hoping that goes off well. I'll be practicing like mad, beforehand.

Pricing a mural is SUCH a hard thing.... especially when your clients are cheap or expect a fantastic job with the money they scraped up. Why do people expect this of artists? It's hard enough to eke out a living anyways, but I really am feeling the heat of crafty & cheap hobby muralists who charge next to nothing. I refuse to stoop to that level just to compete. I want the rich people using my work because of my talent, not because I'm willing to bend over and take it like an idjit.

Anyways, I really have not a lot to say concerning anything else-- I haven't been able to breathe lately, much less have much of a life.
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On April 12th, 2007 07:16 pm (UTC), k3llya commented:
It's lovely!
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On April 15th, 2007 04:09 am (UTC), betty25_boop replied:
Thank you!

Have you been having fun with your new stuff?
We have!! Aw yea!!

Those pics of Subrosa were STUNNING... I wouldn't expect any less.

And thank you AGAIN for the pics of us-- we LOVe them!!

We must do more together soon!
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